Disney Performing Arts (Disney Magical Music Days)

We all know that Disneyland is a land of entertainment and fun. But, there’s one aspect of Disneyland that is about educating youth. Yes, they contribute to young people’s education. They have formerly called it Disney Magical Music Days, but now it’s popularly known as Disney Performing Arts. It has been there for years now and it caters to young people who are into musical instruments, vocal arts, and dance.

If it’s your first-time to hear about this, you might be curious as to what they are promoting, and maybe, get interested in joining what they are promoting. Well, for the most part, Disney Performing Arts allows and gives you the opportunity to showcase your talents and hone your skills at the same time. This is not just a summer program, but it happens all year round. It does not just welcome individuals, but schools, talent studios and organizations ALL AROUND THE WORLD! Yes, you read that right, it caters to people all over the world.

There are workshops also for those who want to improve their talents and they conduct it at your convenience. You’ll also be so happy to know that you’ll be trained by professionals who are famous in Hollywood and New York. Name them, the composers, singers, musicians, musical arrangers, comediennes, choreographers, dancers, and conductors, they have it. To say it modestly, they have THE BEST! Here are a list of the workshops they conduct according to talents:

Instrumental Groups and the Marching Bands

  • Soundtrack and Instrumental Workshop
  • Jazz soundtrack workshop
  • Tune In Workshop
  • Percussion Workshop

Vocal Groups

  • Choir workshops (Industry show)
  • Choir workshops (Academy show)
  • Vocal workshops (Industry show)
  • Vocal workshops (Academy show)
  • Workshops on expressing yourself

Dance Groups

  • Dance workshops (Industry)
  • Dance workshops (Academy)
  • Workshops on expressing yourself

Now, let’s talk about auditions. Disney Performing Arts hold auditions for the different groups and their respective talents, be it a musical instruments group, vocal groups, dancers, bands. Not just that, if you pass the auditions, you’ll be able to play and perform on the popular stages of Disneyland. The bands, however, will be part of the Disneyland parades.

Disney Performing Arts is an all-in-one place for the talented youth. They have everything set for you – world class professionals training you, specialized workshops that are jam-packed with the information and knowledge you need to hone your talents and skills, get to perform at Disneyland stages and be part of their exceptional parades. You surely will have the grandest time together with your group. Before you head home, they’ll have you pose with your group, all glammed up in beautiful costumes and in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, they’ll hand you an 8×10 glossy photo of it as your personal souvenir.  They certainly have the best for the best at Disneyland.

So, are you ready? Create memories and a fun learning experience at the Disney Performing Arts at Disneyland by joining now.

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