Tomorrowland: Family Fun and Thrills for Everyone

Disneyland never fails in giving guests the time of their lives. Tomorrowland in Disney offers both fun and thrills for everyone. Here are some Tomorrowland attractions that provide fun for the whole family are the following:

Fun Family Attractions at Tomorrowland


This is an attraction that involves traveling through Autopia using different cars, not the real ones of course. Non-drivers will enjoy this experience as it makes you control the speed and steering of the cars used. If you want to try this ride out with your kids, you must be at least 132 cm. For safety purposes, pregnant women and kids who are 1-year old below are not allowed to try out this Tomorrowland attraction. You’ll also be doing yourself a favor if you use FastPass instead of waiting at the long lines.

Astro Orbiter

This Tomorrowland attraction allows you to control a rocket jet and fly great heights with the use of the levers found at the front portion of the rocket. You’ll be amazed to see a beautiful view of Tomorrowland itself when you reach the top. However, when the weather condition is not good, this attraction is not in operation.

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

This is definitely a prime attraction at Tommorowland. It’s actually a game that is centered on a Space battle theme. You are in control of your star cruiser that is used to blast at your target enemies and then be able to save the galaxy. You can compare high scores with other players and even play this game at home. If you do the latter, you just might be able to team up with someone who’s playing live at Tomorrowland itself and together defeat Zurg, the evil emperor of the game.

Thrilling Attractions at Tomorrowland

If you’re up for a thrilling adventure, Space Mountain and Star Tours does not disappoint.

Space Mountain

The theme of this thrilling attraction is of “A Flight Into the Future” and involves space travel. The soundtrack and special effects make your ride a wonderful experience. You’ll be off to a very high speed journey with some twists and turns that will definitely make you shout and giggle. The fact that this attraction was part of the 50th anniversary of Disneyland makes it even more special. You have to be at least 102 cm. and a teen or an adult at that to try this out.

Star Tours

Do you want to know what an intergalactic travel looks like? Well, Star Tours is a Tomorrowland attraction that makes this possible. You have to be at least 102 cm. and a teenager to try this ride out. On a busy day, it’s best that you try the FastPass option. You surely shouldn’t miss this when you’re at Disneyland.

Have the time of your life at Tomorrowland!

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