Disneyland Attractions Groupings for Your Disney Trip

Disneyland is filled with lots of attractions that are too many to be counted by your fingers. But, not all attractions are suitable for everyone, like there are some attractions that cater to kids only and some to teens or adults. This can prove to be a difficulty especially when you’re planning ahead on what attractions you’ll be visiting and trying because you’ll only be spending a limited time there.

Good news is, Disneyland has not only categorized their attractions but they also have grouped the various attractions into six so that even if you don’t physically see the attractions, you’re already able to determine what you, your family, your friends or co-workers will be going to when in the most famous amusement park.

The Disneyland attractions groupings are purposely designed to tell you what attractions will be enjoyed by who. One attraction can fall into many groups, but, nevertheless, we just would like to tell you that this does not necessarily mean that you will enjoy it because it will still be a matter of personal preference. These are the six groups:

Attractions for Preschoolers

Get your little darlings all giggly during their Disneyland vacation. The park has a lot in store for them. If you’re going with the whole family, make sure that you’ve planned attractions they can go to and enjoy. Just imagine the smile on those faces!

Attractions for Kids

Well, preschoolers are also kids, but Disneyland has become more specific on the age group because they want everyone to have the best time of their lives when in the park. Some older kids, ages 6-8, will most likely prefer something different than what kids ages 3-5 will have. However, there are attractions that both preschoolers and older kids will enjoy together.

Attractions for Tweens

These attractions have been carefully grouped for the preteens. Fun isn’t even close to describe what Disneyland has in store for them.

Attractions for Teens

Thrilling, funny, scary and high-speed – these are how the attractions are best described. They have certainly taken care of everything so these adventure-seeking teenagers will enjoy their Disneyland vacation. It will definitely be an experience like no other.

Attractions for Adults

Do you want to have some fun to relieve you of that stress? Well, Disneyland has lined up some fantastic attractions that are appropriate for you, you might find it hard to choose where to go because they’ve got a lot. There are attractions perfect for couples and for trips together with your friends or co-workers.

Attractions for All Ages

These attractions are for everyone. They can be enjoyed by everybody regardless of age. If you’re going on a trip with the whole family, it’s best that you pre-plan on going to these attractions for that most-awaited family adventure.

You can check out a full list of the attractions that belong to these groups in this site: https://disneyland.disney.go.com/attractions/ Aside from the groupings, you’ll also get full information on things like height requirements, short description of what the attraction is, ratings and other stuff. There are also warnings on what health conditions are not suited for their guests.

We hope you’ll be able to plan your trip better with Disneyland attractions groupings. May you have the best trip ever!

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