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Airline Tickets

Contrary to what other people say that buying airline tickets at the last minute means expensive rates, there are times that it’s usually cheaper.

Flexibility, however, is key in finding cheap rates. You have to take what the airlines are offering. There are no guarantees for anything, but this will be very exciting especially for the adventurer.

Some flights are barely full, and these are the times where discounts will be offered. Empty seats are not good for the business, so airlines will usually put those seats on sale. Book it immediately and take advantage of the cheap rates offered.

Airline companies will post their discounted or cheap rates on their websites. If you don’t have their website’s domain then you can do some research. You can also check our article on what keywords should be used when researching.

To save more on transportation, you can leave your car at the airport and pay a daily rate for it. This will save you money on taxi. But, if you are comfortable with the idea of riding the public transportation because you don’t have a lot of luggage, then that’s also a wise decision.


Be prepared for changes in your itinerary, therefore, it’s best that you have other options or choices just in case you have to forego your first choice.

Consider bundle car rentals and hotel packages. You’ll get to destinations faster and cheap rates can be availed through this. If you’re worried about getting a substandard room because you booked at the last minute, then don’t, because there are hotels that are not full yet and will have rooms available for you during your stay.

Some first-time travelers commit the mistake of booking very expensive hotels. This is cool if you plan on staying in the hotel the whole time, but if you’re going to go out a lot then you don’t need to book the most expensive room. You can even opt for hostels so you can have the opportunity to talk with other travelers.

Cheaper rates on your accommodation means more money to spend. If there are accommodations that offer free breakfast, then grab that deal. Most hotels and hostels offer this. Besides, you don’t want to spend a lot especially if it’s just for sleeping purposes, right? Get something decent but affordable.

Reserve a hotel room only after you have booked your flight. You don’t want to miss out on special offers and cheap rates given especially for packaged travels. If you’re going out with the family, check for discounts offered for families. Ask them what is available, if you don’t ask you’ll not know what bargains are there.

Car Rentals

Compact vehicles are the best way of getting cheap rates for a car rental. But, if you’re too tall then this is not your best bet. Check what discounts and package deals are available when you’re going to proceed with the reservations.

Check the insurance coverage but if you want to save money, use your personal insurance instead, if that’s included in your policy.

Again, the Internet has tons of information available regarding car rentals because car companies post them on their websites. Compare the rates, be diligent with your research.

Travel Insurance

Preparedness helps us deal the unexpected with ease. Although you’re not asking for it, but some “not-so-good” things can happen during your travel. So, it’s best to have an alternate plan and your travel insurance ready.  

Check what the travel insurance covers. Be a wise buyer!

Cheap rates on your travel means more fun! You can splurge on more exciting things if you have saved on other aspects of your travel.

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